How to generate monthly data from daily data with predictors and scheduler

Hello Team,

Please any tips on how to generate monthly data from daily data with predictors and the Scheduler app?

I have an idea on how to go about it but I am confused on how to set the period for the generated data to work with scheduler since the days in a month can vary.

I have setup the daily dataset and as well as a monthly dataset. I created the DE for the monthly dataset and assign it as the output DE for the predictor expression.

I think if I run the predictor manually I can accurately select the right days in the month under review. But I want to use the Scheduler app and create a cron job that automatically run this predictor. Given that some months have 28, 29, 30 and 31 days I don’t know how to setup the scheduler and predictor to run automatically for the number of days in a particular month.

hello @jetisco4u, there is the functionality available in ubuntu to run the script using cron job.You can use that if your requirement matches.


Thanks. If it is the Weekly period it will be easy for me to use the Scheduler app because a week cannot have more than 7 days. My challenge is month having different days.

Do you mean a manual configuration in Ubuntu or through the Scheduler App?