How to enable previous year's month DEC and NOV in Data Entry to enter data?

I want to enter data in the previous year’s months December and November but the form field is disabled. I need to enable it and enter data. How do i do it?


Hi @riwaj.amakomaya

The Data Entry form could be closed either because of the configuration i.e. it is set to be closed during certain days and open in other, or that your user has only view access and not capture. Please check which configuration is actually stopping your user account from entering data into the form.

It could be the sharing setting in the data set:

It could be organization units assigned to the user for capture and maintenance:

Additionally, it could be many of things such as Data input periods, Expiry days, Category Combination option restrictions… you can read more here: Datasets features - DHIS2 Documentation

I hope this helps! Thanks!

Hello AL-Gassim Sharaf Addin,

I figured it out. The opening date of the Organization Unit was later than the date I wanted. I changed the Date to early point and it worked.

Thanks for your help.

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Good to know you found the solution :pray: Thanks!