How to completely wipe D2 CLI app and start fresh?

Hi all,

How can I completely wipe my D2 CLI app?

Somehow I have managed to load some D2 images with invalid version numbers (see the example “bug-test”). This prevents me from starting up clusters without editing the scripts to ignore invalid version numbers (not ideal).

I have tried emptying out all my docker images and removing and readding the @dhis2/cli via yarn with no success. Where are all these references to containers hiding and how can I purge them?

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…I really should test things before posting.

Anyway, here is the answer for anyone experiencing this issue on windows.

The cluster configs are stored here:

C:\Users\<user folder>\.cache\d2\cache\clusters

You can just delete everything in this folder (also make sure you clear out the images and volumes from docker too)


Hi @HaydnJ

Thanks for posting! Actually, posting challenges and sharing the solution is also very useful for the community, so thanks for sharing! :clap::clap:

BTW, yes, it’s always good to start fresh sometimes :slight_smile:

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