How to check dataValue import Log?


I have the log from Tomcat.
“* INFO 2019-07-03 22:47:45,972 Data value import done, total: 9941, import: 0, update: 4, delete: 0: 00:00:28.176 ( [taskScheduler-10])”

Only 4 data has been updated, and no new data.
How to check the log for all data?

FYI, I am using this web API to import my data (JSON file)


Thank you

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Hi All,

I found the issue here. If I upload data through webAPI using orgUnit attribute Id, data will upload only for UPDATE.
And if import using Import App, and using orgUnit UiD, data will success submitted (CREATE/NEW data and UPDATE).
I am using version 2.32 and 2.31.

Thank you

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Hi @taufiqhs,

could you create an issue for this in jira? (


Hi @Stian,

Okay. Log in with Atlassian account

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