How to assign dataelement Value to target Line value

Hi all,

How to use Data element Value to Target/Base Line Value on Visualizer’s Option?

Thank you very much.

Hey @taufiqhs,
Thank you for your question! Do you mean how to use it technically or what is it used for in implementations…etc?

I did this, for example:

Here’s a DHIS2 video that explains target lines (video at URL):

HI @Gassim,

Yes, and is it possible to assign that value automatically from Data Element Value? example, data element target value every year have to filled before.


Hey @taufiqhs,
It seems that you have to insert the value manually, unless you are willing to use queries and scripts to automate this? I’d suggest creating a Jira feature request for your idea!

If you’d like me to ask for support for a query or a script that can do that or an alternative way of doing this then please let me know and I will ask.