How can I move a datalement to a new Program Stage

Hello everyone, My question is simple, how can I move a data element from an existing program stage to a new program stage in the same program, without losing the previous data and making a continuous analysis.

To make it clearer, let’s say that in the old stage I had the following data in the data element:

  • A,
  • B
  • C

I want to move to a new program stage, and when I run the event report list I have the old data with the new data.
Thanks in Advance

DHIS v2.33

I don’t think you can unless you run some queries in the database which is a bit tricky.
Can anyone advise?

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Thanks @SDKAAA , I am trying to avoid this option. Therefore, I seek help from those who have already had a similar problem.

@asacur and @SDKAAA , This is a good question. I have the same problem. is there a workarround in dhis2 to update forms without losing past data?

Please… some ideas!!!

Hello @simone I haven’t had a cleaner solution so far. Maybe someone in the community does.