How can I assign a user to manage Data export for Analytics

I wanted to allow a user to manage data export for analytics. As a superuser, I am able to do that. But the person I assign the role to Data Administrator can access the app but the data she export is not reflecting in the data visualizer app.

So I created a role and give access to the Data Administration app.

Hi @jetisco4u can you explain more what you want to achieve? Thanks

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I want to give one of our admin user the right to export data using the Data Administration App so that it can be exported for use in analytics app.

Hi @jetisco4u,
I’m a little lost, data administration doesn’t have a data extraction option, at least in the version I use. Wouldn’t it be the import/export application?

In Data Administration, click the Analytics Table menu by the leftbar. On the Analytics tables management page you will see the Start export button.

Oh i see lol, You want the user to be able to run Analytics.
You must edit your role, and give under the System Tab Performance Maintenance tasks.

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Please which app are you using to do this setting?

I believe this is done using the User’s app, configure the role:

To do this, from the Home page a Super-User should find and click on the “Users” app. Click on “User Role” to launch “User role management”. In the list of “Role”, find and click on the role to which you want to assign the authority (e.g. “User”). From the drop-down menu click on “Edit”. Scroll down to find the “Authorities” section.

I checked this but couldn’t get it.

Hope this GIF helps:

Additionally, using the same steps make sure that the user has access to the Data Administration app. :+1: