How can I allow another user to view my dashbord and its visualizations(e.g charts) with out editing it

another user just sees charts blank if I give him view only access.

You might need to change sharing setting in maintenence to allow their user to view category options or option sets associated to the visualisations (even data elements if you have restricted access to it).

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Welcome to the community @mphomatla! :tada: And thanks @WumiOjo!

In addition to what @WumiOjo said, please check if this is a cache issue. If the user uses a different/new browser/profile (or Guest mode) and is able to see the charts then it is 100% a cache issue. Clearing the cache should resolve the issue; however, if the user still can’t see the charts then it might be as @WumiOjo suggested an access issue.

Please ask the user open the chart and then open the Network tab from the Developers Browser tools (F12 → Network) then refresh the page, if there are red text errors then click on them and take a screenshot. It should help you figure out which sharing settings to change.

If all these don’t solve the issue it might help to share the Catalina.out log (without the sensitive info) to further understand the issue.

Thank you!