How best to allow endemicity to aggregate up the Organisational unit hierarchy?

Hi everyone.

I’m implementing a new DHIS2 and we have some aggregate datasets that include endemicity data elements. Currently their values are derived from an option set with the options Endemic and Non-Endemic.

We want a behaviour where if region has say 4 districts, if any of those districts are endemic, the region is also considered endemic. Equally, we would then like the country to be considered endemic if any of it’s regions are endemic.

The end goal is to allow people to drill down into countries, regions and districts to see why areas are endemic and where the trouble stems from.

To further complicate matters, some countries are recording data at a sub-district level, so in that case the same rule would need to apply, if a district has any sub-districts that are endemic, it should be considered endemic also.

I thought I could achieve this with indicators, but then I remembered that indicators only provide number outputs.

This instance is still in a conceptual phase, so I am perfectly able to tear it down and start again. All suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Hi @HaydnJ ,

One approach I can think of is to use a DE of type Number and aggregation type “SUM”. The optionset options can still be Endemic and Non-Endemic but make sure the type of option set is Number and the option values are 1 and 0.
For any org unit if the DE value is greater than 0 then it means it’s endemic.

There might be other better ways to resolve this problem :slight_smile:



Holy moly, I’ll give that a try. I was hoping there was a key/value style data type, guess I never realised that was doable with an option set.

Thank you

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Thanks @rithvik! :slight_smile:

@HaydnJ thanks! Please give it a try and kindly mark the post as solution if it works. :+1::+1:

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Hi James,
What about using a OrgUnit Group set. The OrgUnit Group is Endemic and is compulsory and exclusive. The Group Set is either Endemic and Non-Endemic. Allocate these Group sets to each district/region/sub district. I hope this makes sense. (Or maybe it is the other way around?)


Hi Norah,

I’ll give that a try. Annoyingly these values will need to be changed regularly, and by non-admin users (people without maintenance app access), so it could prove a pain to update in the long-run.

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