Hitting a snag when upgrading from dhis2 Version 2.28

Hi all, I am hitting a snag when upgrading my instance from version. 2.28 .After database backup and restore to a different server I am getting the following error on analytics

|023-06-16 12:13:45|Process failed: StatementCallback; bad SQL grammar [create table analytics_temp_2019 (e6lgVVDIsTr character(11),Mt2Lz0wxhqw character(11),hbplCBcu79B character(11),cWOKF9sJorQ character(11),aD6wCf6bIjk character(11),Ghmgn52AzWK character(11),ppFoPkTxSAt character(11),lgVB6xpW8L4 character(11),gzLMT6CiLV0 character(11),HBUBSGXossw character(11),l7jXBz9Fe70 character(11),C2MGhcgvj9M character(11),efjsEaJxk3T character(11),jo2dJya02mD character(11),NUrTU11f0Yt character(11),ecpf4hIH7X7 character(11),Hz0oHWGH7zW character(11),yQtNemRxBEL character(11),UmT8auPigDj character(11),HAqdt4PowS6 character(11),AwEmznYEJsO character(11),A1BKTVE5i1M character(11),Gk1Qhq68RFE character(11),KmuQXZN1Hio character(11),HlUrjQniFA3 character(11),u1QfzJKo5Wj character(11),Sj0yAawL9Gc character(11),g1pBbgoWef9 character(11),jJwdlykT30m character(11),p6483rn7Ukm character(11),vcZWTCOJXCV character(11),uidlevel1 character(11),uidlevel2 character(11),uidlevel3 character(11),daily character varying(15),weekly character varying(15),weeklywednesday character varying(15),weeklythursday character varying(15),weeklysaturday character varying(15),weeklysunday character varying(15),monthly character varying(15),bimonthly character varying(15),quarterly character varying(15),sixmonthly character varying(15),sixmonthlyapril character varying(15),yearly character varying(15),financialapril character varying(15),financialjuly character varying(15),financialoct character varying(15),dx character(11) not null,co character(11) not null,ao character(11) not null,pestartdate timestamp,peenddate timestamp,pe character varying(15) not null,ou character(11) not null,level integer,approvallevel integer,daysxvalue double, daysno integer not null, value double, textvalue text)]; nested exception is org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: type double does not exist Position: 1762  |
|2023-06-16 12:13:45|Creating analytics tables  |
|2023-06-16 12:13:45|Performing pre-create table work, org unit levels: 3  |
|2023-06-16 12:13:45|Updating tables: DATA_VALUE  |
|2023-06-16 12:13:45|Analytics table update process started  |

When I run the upgrade script and shift to the next version, the application overwrites all the data in the DB and creates a new admin User. Is this an issue that can be resolved???

Hi @Oliver_Munyao

Welcome to the DHIS2 Community of Practice! :tada: Are you following the official guide to upgrading?

It might just be a better idea to delete ‘analytics_temp_2019’ and then run analytics tables export after the upgrade process is complete.

I hope this works!

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