Hiding Unapproved data in analytics

Hi All,
I have successfully setup data approval and workflow. Users can now approve at facility level.

But i cant seem to get “Hide unapproved data in analytics” to work. From reading the docs, This option allow unapproved data to be hidden from higher level users until they are approve. Am currently on 2.25.

Can some please guide me in achieving this effect, Or is this a bug in the approval process?




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Dear community,

We also experiencing the same challenge on version 2.37.3, if anyone can please assist on how to configure this?

This is what we have done, but still can’t get this to work as expected:

  • Under System Settings > Analytics > Max number of years to hide unapproved data changed to Check approval for all date
    Cache strategy set to Cache until 6AM tomorrow
  • User account used for testing: Just a normal Data Capture / Data User role was used and this role does not have any of the following authorities
    Approve data / Approve data at lower levels
    View unapproved data
    All (full authority)


Sicelo from HISP-SA