Hide some option from option set

hi dear,

how can i hide some option from option set.

example: i have option set for district and other option set for localities ,
the option set District has all district , and option set locality has all localities for all districts.
i want to hide some option from localities option set accordant to district.

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Sorry, but this is not supported. You cannot hide individual options in an option set.

A few alternatives that I can see for now:

  1. make the value type for the data element ‘orgunit’ and you will see the hierarchy when selection a locality in data entry. This only works if the locality is part of the org hierarchy.

  2. make one data element and locality option set per district and you can show/hide the ‘district locality’ data elements based on another data element ‘district’ that the user selects first. You can also have one data element ‘locality’ that is always hidden and then use the assign rule to populate its value. This way you have one data element for reports/analysis with all localities selected. The district locality data elements will then only be used for data entry work flow to help users find the correct locality.

Maybe others have better suggestions?


Hi Yousef,

I was actually wrong yesterday. This feature was introduced in the latest 2.30 release!

Have a look at this jura issue that was completed (seems to be exactly what you ask for) :



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In 2.31 we will add Sharing concept for Option. So you can show/hide Options in OptionSet in data entry base on Data Read access, and also control whether user has permission to save data value for an Option base on Data Capture access. More details at this jira issue.