Hide empty columns in Options of Pivot Table version 2.30 is not working


I just upgraded version of 2.29 to 2.30. The “Hide empty columns” in Options of Pivot Table version 2.30 is not working. Please suggest.


Tagging @dhis2-analytics for review.

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Hi @Pradeep, Thanks for contacting us, and sorry for taking a week to get back to you.
I’ve just had a look at our testing instance to try to reproduce the behavior that you reported. I did not have any issues hiding the empty columns. We have also not had any other issues reported about this.

Can you get back to me with some more information.

  • Could you send a screen shot of the pivot table and steps to reproduce the behavior?
  • Could you try to reproduce the bug on play.dhis2.org/2.30 ?
  • What is the data type that is not hiding (data element, indicator, reporting rate, etc) or is it all data types that are not hiding?

Thanks, Scott

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Thank you for suggestion. This is solved as we upgraded version 2.30 to latest one.