Hi Folks, This is Hassan from Somalia, I would like if someone can provide clarification of whether DHIS2 platform is an option for data collection tool specifically for using with the WHO SARA survey for health facility assessment. We know majority of the countries use tools such as ODK and CSPro. has DHIS2 ever used in SARA survey data collection for any country?


Dear @bigdata

Good to hear your interest in finding out if you can use DHIS2 for WHO SARA, the answer is yes, you can customize SARA using the DHIS2 tracker in particular events and conduct SARA at health facilities using both Web and Android.

Yes many countries are still using ODK or others, but with the need to integrate with HMIS data they find themselves importing data into DHIS2. Not many countries have customised SARA into DHIS2, I know of Kenya, Ethiopia for now, but majority have customised Health Facility Assessment tools which are equally same size as SARA.

Here is an example of the assessment tool:

And analytics


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