Hi all

Thanks Ola for this prompt response. I kept refreshing my email to see if im lucky... This is Yemi Awe@GHAIN...(check dhis1.4/2
devlist or google) that was when i was working with family health international. We had exchanged several technical communications
when i implemented dhis2 (early version) for FHI. I am implementing dhis2 for Society for Family Health - Nigeria (try google). I did
a demo for the technical officers and we prefer the registers not the summary forms. DHIS2 in Nigeria is new and for SFH is just gonna
be a guninea pig thing. DHIS2 is our choice.

I am using 2.0.3..you think the rumour (if true) may have been implemented in 2.0.4? I will just go for it.

From you mail i can conclude that

1. Custom entry form cannot be created at the patient level.
2. For aggregate operator no "count" in the list.

Checking the db, i found patientDataValue table which could do my thing but its so empty. I could not find any patient module that
populates the table. The closest is the program stage management but im not sure i can link that to the aggregate dataset.

I tried creating dataelements set the domain type to patient but...i dont want to fiddle around with the code. I know you guys are
doing extremely great work. Im indeed impressed. Bravo guys.

Thanks..any help will be highly appreciated.

On Tue 30/03/10 3:18 PM , Ola Hodne Titlestad olatitle@gmail.com sent:



This sounds like a great use case for patient module + aggregation of
patient data to aggregate data + aggregate data module (normal mode).

As you might know the patient module is quite new and still under
development and the integration with the other modules is also very
much in the making.
During the workshop in Oslo last week I heard some rumours that the
aggregation from patient to aggregate data elements was already done
in the service layer, although some UI was missing.

I think this is just around the corner now and it would be great if
Barath, Viet, John or Abyot who work on this could provide an update
on the status on this as well as how to move forward with
Centrifuge's use case.
Out of curiosity, "Centrifuge" who are you and where are you going to
implement this system?

On 30 March 2010 14:45, Centrifuge wrote:
I have the following concerns.
1. I need to develop a custom data entry form from a register having
patient detail like patient's name, patient's address, etc
2. I need dhis2 to aggregate these patients counts into a summary
which will be aggregate up the hierarchy.
3. Why don't we have count in the list of the aggregation
operator. I
have *Sum, Average*
4. Can i use custom data entry page to create a register records?
I have tried the following
1. Created the custom form using the data entry create form wizard.
not just realistic here. Foreach patient's attributes i will
have a data
element and depending on the number of patients, it will be a
of the available attributes which will run into millions of DE and
not just manageable. I know the the above is used to create summary
2. So i decided to use the patient's management modules, EVEN
though i
cannot achieve a custom layout as it appears on the form, i could
the additional attributes to create more patients attributes.
So then
1. How do i do a count of the information on the register and get it
appear in the cell of a custom data entry without the user manually
entering the values over a period.
For example on my register i have columns like 1. Name of
of client,fever cases reported within 24hrs,RDT done under five.
On my summary form i need the following to be auto calculate
1. The number of client registered
2. Number reported for fever cases under five
3. etc
I will appreciate any assistance asap.
Thank you.
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