Help with translation

Dear all,

during the translation to Spanish I founf some terms that i don´t know how to translate because I dont know the functionality and have not seen them in the UI yet…

I´m copying them here in case any of you can be of any help :slight_smile:



  • Activity Grouping Attribute

  • Incident Date Diff / Enrollment Date Diff / Report Date Diff / Data Element Date Diff

  • AND / OR / COMBINE -> these is not that i dnt know the meaning… but i suspect they create formulas… so i better don´t translate them, am I rigth?

  • Patient Attribute Visit Schedule

  • From the day set

  • Organisation unit count

  • Equal counts

  • Layer stack / transparency

  • Last bi-month / Last 6 bi-months -> bi-month means… every two months or twice a month???