Help needed for setting up Dashboard Reports in DHIS2.32

Hey all

I am having some trouble while setting up DHIS2 with program/tracker capture. I have made a bridge that adds data from our in-house app to DHIS2. We are working on MNCH & Vaccinations. For now I have setup few programs (MN) which all have tracked entity instances enrolled.

Our program tree is like this:
A Family is Registered > Family Members are registered > Female Family Members of Reproductive age can have Pregnancies > Each Pregnancy can have multiple ANVs, PNVs and Deliveries (Currently on ANVs).

What I have already done:
For now I have not created relations, but that will be added later. Now, each program will have a set of questions that are filled by our data entry people in our Application which are added in DHIS2 via a bridge.
Bridge is able to add data and enroll each TEI in a program.

What I am having problem in:

  • Lets say I want to show a count of patients on dashboard that have at least 4 ANVs.
    How can I create that?
  • I want a list of patients that are females and above the age of 15 (Program has both DOB/Age and Gender). How will I achieve that?
  • I want a list of patients that have High Risk (a tracked entity attribute) with Yes. How can I get that?
  • Almost all tracked entities are Geo Tagged. How can I display those on Maps? I dont want it to be bound by the OU Geolocations (we don’t have coordinates for any villages we are catering).

I have more questions, but I think answering these might help me answer those myself.