Help needed: Disable a data element in a repeatable stage

Hi everyone,

I have a data element: number of family members in a repeatable program stage. What I want is to disable this data element when data is entered the second, third, fourth times and so on for the program stage. if the DE is not disabled, the user will be tempted to insert a value for this field every time he/she opens the Stage.
Any help is welcome


Hi Hernandez,

May be if you use Tracker Program, you should change this data element as a Tracked Entity Attribute.

Hi @haramas,

What I am using is a tracker capture.

When you configure a Tracker program, you must specify the Tracked Entity (ex. : person) who has Tracked Entity Attributes (ex. : Firstname, Surname, …, number of family members,…). You set it once and don’t ask it into Program Stage

Hi @haramas,

Thank you very much.

you’re welcome @Hernandez Machava

I would create a program rule to assign a value to DE on repeating stages… :thinking: