Help configuring Postgres 9.5 and Java Opts for DHIS-2 2.23

Hi all,

I have an Intel Core i7 Windows 10 64bit computer with 16 Gig of RAM and can’t seem to configure it to run analytics correctly.

I ran analytics just fine on the same computer with the same DHIS-2 instance using 2.21 and postgres 9.4 - it took just over 1 hour to run.

Now it seems to hang after about 2 hours… no error message.

I’ve tried the settings recommended in the 2.23 implementation guide but then I can’t even get the instance to run. I have cut back on the Java_opts and added the UseCodeCasheFlushing…

-Xmx7000m -Xms3000m -XX:+UseCodeCacheFlushing

My main postgres.conf file settings - somewhat modified from the recommendations, are below:

- Memory -

shared_buffers = 1600MB # min 128kB

work_mem = 10MB # min 64kB

maintenance_work_mem = 512MB # min 1MB


dynamic_shared_memory_type = windows # the default is the first option


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