Health Facility GIS data adding Issue


I want to add geo spatial data (longtidue and latitude) to health facilities and here it is how I did it

  1. On org unit creation form i add the longtude and latitude data
  2. Run Analytics

but after I can’t analyze data using GIS for that health facility. Is there any process I missed? I need help?

Hi @Getachew_Abe,

A quick way to check if the organisation unit import with GPS data was successful is to:

  1. Open the “Maintenance” app
  2. Go to “Organisation units”
  3. Search for the units for which you added latitude/longitude
  4. See if, once you click on a unit, you are able to view the coordinates

If you are not able to view the coordinates, they were not successful in importing. If they are indeed there, this may be an issue with analytics or the way you are pulling the data in GIS, but the first step would be to check if they imported successfully.



Dear @Getachew_Abe,

  1. Try saving coordinates for multiple facilities
  2. Then create a new map using MAPs App of dhis2.
  3. Then add a NEW LAYER having GIS markers.
  4. Then set the filters of the map according to your data.