Having problems with multiple datasets assigned to one organization unit in the data entry section


I am experiencing weird behavior when assigning multiple datasets to the one organization unit. I have two datasets assigned to the one organization unit, when trying to switch between the datasets from the Data Entry screen, the data entry screen isn’t always refreshed when switching between the datasets using the combo picker on the Data Entry screen (if you refresh the browser every time between switching everything behaves as expected). The problem seems to be related to the naming of the two datasets. Are there any naming rules involving special characters etc that would effect the behavior in the Data Entry screen.

For example I currently have the following two datasets



I have attached 3 screenshots. Two show what the screen should look like for each of the individual datasets. The third show what happens when you switch from M_Lab_IPD_monthly back to M_IPD_monthly and you can see that the data entry screen does not changes and the Patient precedence category filter on the dataset doesn’t get removed from the screen.

Any suggestions as to what rules we should be using to name our datasets to get around the issue?

Running on

DHIS version: 2.16


Lara Kellett
Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders
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Build revision:16448