Has anyone implement aws-s3 as File store provider?

I will like to use aws-s3 as File store provider. I supposed it can be specified in dhis.conf file.

Is there a documentation on how to implement this? Has anyone done this successfully?

Hi @jetisco4u

Thank you for your question! It seems that AWS has been used many times for a long time now. Here’s a post from 2011 which might not necessarily be up to date but could give you an idea:

Although the post is interesting and has information from software experts, since it’s from 2011, so I recommend going back to the documentation. You might want to check out this page: Using the Elastic Beanstalk Tomcat platform - AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Thanks for the reference. But this thread partly focus on configuration on AWS. I am interested in the use case where images are stored in aws-s3 as against storing on the server db.

I saw this commented line in dhis.conf file:

# File store provider, currently 'filesystem' and 'aws-s3' are supported

If I set filestore.provider = aws-s3, where on dhis2 will I configure the AWS S3 details?

This is documented here @jetisco4u


Thanks. The reference contain more configuration. I will explore and revert if I run into more challenges.

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I will like to find out, which images in the DHIS2 system is stored in the filesystem? I know this will include those uploaded as profile avatar. What other ones are included?

What files are stored using the File Options in the dhis-conf file?

I figure this out and I am no longer getting the error I was getting. When I upload a profile picture, I was expecting that it will be stored in my AWS S3 bucket but it was not. Where are the profile pictures stored?