Dear Concern,

I am Arifin. Currently I am doing M.Sc. from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) (

I am very much interested to participate in gsoc2016. I go through the page:

And found the following project ideas (based on Android) very interesting to me:

* 4. Enhance existing DHIS2 android dashboard application

* 5. Re-implement DHIS2 android data capture applications to use shared database

The following tasks that I have done so far:

  1.   * Build the project in Android studio and run the project in my android device.


  1.   *  Download from google play.

In both cases, after I launch the app, it requires server url, username, password.

About me:

I have experience in Android development and problem solving in UVA. So far I have understood the project ideas. I feel I can perform well in this project.

Now my query is:

  1.   1. At what basis, you will select students for this project?
  2.   2. What is the possibility of me to get involved in this project?
  3.  3.  What is the server url, username, password for the android app?