GSOC2014 Server side apps & JSON enabled storage API


My name is Daniel Rizea and I am in the final year of my Master Program in CS.

I have been looking over the projects from your organization and I found yours very interesting.

I have been working with Java EE and Web technologies for over 4 years, from which 1,5 years I have worked at Oracle doing Java EE from designing and implementing web interfaces (JSP, JSFF, CSS, html, jquery) to backend REST services and JPA integration with databases. I have developed applications from scratch on Google App Engine and Open Shift (JBoss server) clouds.

I am very interested in the project because healthcare is a very exciting domain where computers can really revolutionise and have a great impact. I know this because both of my parents work in healthcare and I acknowledge the importance to have the right data at the right time. Although I didn’t fallowed their footsteps I always wanted a way to combine both and bring true value.

I have visited your websites and I would like to find out more about the projects, what would I do, what are the expectations and how we can improve the existing software system.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,



Daniel Rizea

IT Engineer and Entrepreneur

+4 0740 789 944