I am Shivee Gupta, final year Bachelor of Engineering student at Pune Institute of Computer Technolgy, India. I have pretty good skills in the following:-

  • Python, Javascript, HTML5, CSS, java, Django
    I have previously contributed to open source by fixing bugs for Mozilla. Following are the links to my commits.


    I have developed various web projects working full-stack. I am highly interested to contribute to DHIS2 because my final year project is also based on healthcare analytics on the data from healthcare service providers in Indian cities. My project is focussed on providing realtime analytics on healthcare data and presenting the trends in the various test markers like HbA1C, CBC report etc using charts and heatmaps. For the project I have worked on the following technologies:-

  • Django backend using django REST for APIs

  • SQL database

  • Javascript, Jquery, HTML,CSS, Bootstrap

  • Charting libraries like D3.js, google-charts

  • crossfilter.js for data filtering
    I can relate well with the work on DHIS2 and my experience working with medical data will help me contribute better to the organization.

I am open to contribute to all ideas in DHIS2, especially including the following:-

  • Web app for quick entry of test data into DHIS2 Tracker
  • User Profile App
  • Line listing record importer
  • Tracker longitudinal charting
  • Metadata dictionary/browser
    Please help me get started.