[GSOC] Automated test scripts (WebDriver)

Hi all,

I am Ankur Sial, third year undergraduate student pursuing my B.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering at IIIT-Delhi. I have a keen interest in web development and have already worked on many projects in related fields in the past. For my full profile, please visit: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ankur-sial/41/43/18a.

I have worked with HISP India for 6 months developing the Operation Theatre Module for OpenMRS which is in the process of getting deployed. The link to my github profile is https://github.com/ankur11024?tab=contributions&from=2013-12-18.

I have worked on OpenMRS and explored basic functionalists of DHIS during my internship. I am particularly intrested in “WebDriver (Selenium 2) based framework for automated test scripts”. I have also started learning basics of Selenium.

I would look forward to working with HISP. It would be great to get suggestions from contributors and guidance by mentors on how to proceed with the project. :slight_smile:


With Regards

Ankur Sial
B.Tech - CSE

**IIIT-Delhi (**2011024)