GSOC 2016: Introduction

Hello DHIS2 Community,

This is Prayash Mohapatra, currently in 3rd year of B.Tech at CET, Bhubaneswar.
I am a full stack developer.

Following are the languages/frameworks I learnt over time.
Frontend - HTML, CSS, JavaScript mostly jQuery. (Bootstrap)
Backend - Started with PHP, Tried Node.js for a project, Now on Python. (Slim, Express.js,, Flask, BeautifulSoup, peewee)
Database - MySQL
Mobile Application - Java on Android

Following are my side projects, pursued in my college life: - A 3D Map of our college, which can be navigated (1st Year project) - Multi user realtime buzzer using websockets (2nd Year project) - Mirror of University results for our college, searchable by name (3rd Year project)

I also volunteer at local communities like Bakul Foundation, Google Developers Group - Bhubaneswar
and Microsoft Developers Commuity - Odisha. I personally find DHIS2 appealing as I interned in a company in similar field.

I am interested in “Line listing record importer” and “Scriptable SMS Parsing” ideas, as I am already familiar with making REST APIs
and SMS Apps have fascinated me since school. We had built a SMS app using platform for Election Season.

I am going through the mentioned resources, and will ask if I get stuck somewhere.




Prayash Mohapatra