GSoC 2014 - Scriptable SMS parsing Project

Hello DHIS2 team!

First, congratulations for the big work. I hope to be part of your team in this summer.

I am Roque López, a master student in Computer Science at São Paulo University-Brazil. I have strong interest in Natural Language Processing. I have worked on two research projects in Peru and Brazil. I worked in a project about Automatic Summarization of medical records, as a result of my work, I have some publications about medical record classification (

Of the many ideas listed on the DHIS2 page, I am very interested in “Scriptable SMS parsing”. The idea is not very well described in the page, I will appreciate any extra information to write my proposal.

More about me in my personal page [1] and my github account [2].

Looking forward for your reply,



Roque Enrique Lopez Condori

Master Student in Computer Science

Universidade de São Paulo

São Carlos, São Paulo, Brazil