GsoC 2013: Capture location Project

I am Vishal, currently in 3rd year, pursuing my in computer science from IIIT-Hyderabad, India. I am also doing my MS by Research in the field of Spatial Informatics and is associated with the lab LSI(Lab for Spatial Informatics).

I have been going through yours ideas page and found the idea :" Capture Location (lat/-log) for events and expose through GIS module".

From the problem statement:

“The single-event without registration and multiple events without registration can be useful to capture survey style data. It can also be used for tracking events in which beneficiary registration is not possible. Such events have a database structure to capture lat-long”

I am not familiar with the terms, but from the resource “Person and Program Management” what i have understood is that event corresponds to some action like enrolling one to some medical program, still i want to know what does the “event” correspond to?

And how is an event getting associated to the location(lat-log)?

My understanding of the project is:

  1. As Such events can be stored in the database ,so these lat-lot needs to be exposed to the GIS system of dhis2, or a user interface needs to be build that can show this data.

2.Use of HTML 5 location API to capture the location of the Desktop browser and the mobile and use it in single event page.

I want to know what is single event page?

Your guidance will be really useful.

Thanks and kind regards,

Vishal Tiwari


Computer Science and Engineering

Lab for Spatial Informatics