GSOC 16 Introduction, Queries and Review

Hi everyone !
I am Laavanye Bahl , studying Software Engineering at Delhi Technological University (formerly DCE), India. I have 3 years of experience in Android development and have made several standalone professional applications. I’ve interned at a lot of places to enhance my skills, gain experience, worked in teams and won most of the hackathons organised in Delhi.
Linked in :
Github :

Website :

I am very interested in contributing to Enhance existing DHIS2 android dashboard application

project for GSOC 2016 as it matches my knowledge stack and I am confident of completing the task and adding more features during the program. I have been working on the existing project for the past week and have sent 3 pull requests as well and waiting for them to get merged :

I have used MPAndroidChart and Google Maps before in several projects and am pretty comfortable using them and various other libraries and APIs.

I want to contribute more, so I’ve commented on the remaining issues on Github for more clarity and will solve them too. Can you assign me some tasks or can tell me what else can I do to prove my proficiency ?

Looking forward to get selected and working with Dhis2.


Laavanye Bahl