Greetings everyone

Good day everyone, please i am a young health Research Assistant, please i am seriously in need of assistance on how to get, install and use dhis2 app. thanks as i anticipate your responses!

Nwekeagu Shadrach
Whatsapp. +2348061122331
Phone. +2348061122331

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Hi Nwekeagu. Welcome to the DHIS2 community!

A good place to start learning about how to download and install DHIS2 is on our website. You can find user guides and other documentation here: Resources - DHIS2

To learn more about using DHIS2 you can also sign up to take our free online training course here:

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Thanks MaxK, i am already going through the CHIS Guidelines, there after i proceed with other necessary documents on the DHIS2. thanks for your prompt replies as i shall keep in touch!

Compliments Sir!

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