Grant users access to see data within data sets but not edit values

Is there a way to configure sharing settings so that a group of users can view data within the data entry app but not edit the values? I have a ‘View Only’ user group that does not need to enter any data, but they would still like to be able to view the data within the data sets in the data entry app.

It is my understanding that to be able to view data sets in the data entry app, users must be granted “can capture and view” access to the data sets, and that granting “can view” access only allows them to see the data in the analytics apps. With “can view” only, the data sets do not appear in the data entry app at all.

Is there any other way to configure these sharing settings or other metadata sharing settings so they can see the data sets and the data entered, just not edit the values?

Thank you!

Hello @SydneyDaniel

I think you need to do the “can view” at the data element level instead of the dataset.

Thanks for the reply! We do have sharing enabled at the data element level for this user group as “can view.” Even with this implemented, users cannot see the data set in the data entry app unless the data set sharing is “can capture and view”

Yes, you’re right, I just tested it, it doesn’t work.

Maybe the easy solution is to use DataSet Report function in Report app.

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