GIS module error loading


In 2.25 version when I go to GIS module it keep loading and nothing appears ,

After I press crt+shifit+I in console appears the following errors:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input

at JSON.parse ()

at success (http://localhost:8091/dhis2.25/dhis-web-mapping/app.js:1:25516)

at Object.callback (http://localhost:8091/dhis2.25/dhis-web-mapping/extjs/ext-all.js:15:57696)

at m.onComplete (http://localhost:8091/dhis2.25/dhis-web-mapping/extjs/ext-all.js:15:209766)

at m.onStateChange (http://localhost:8091/dhis2.25/dhis-web-mapping/extjs/ext-all.js:15:209410)

at XMLHttpRequest. (http://localhost:8091/dhis2.25/dhis-web-mapping/extjs/ext-all.js:15:14790)

any ideas for solving this problem or what is the cause?

Thanks very much


Nami Ghadri

Mob: +905317978228