Getting the average of male and female

(IM Officer) #1

I have an attribute representing collected data on individuals gender.

How can I create an indicator calculating the percentage of each gender type, of all individual that exists in my data registered into specific tracker program?

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(Saurabh) #2

Hello @im_officer_leb, you can take the following steps:

  1. Create program indicator of enrollment analytics type, using count as aggregation, using enrollment count as expression, and code of male/female option as filter. This will give you the counts of male and female enrollments.

  2. Create a program indicator for counting total enrollments without any filter.

  3. Create an Indicator where you can use the above two program indicators for calculating a percentage, using program indicator for male as numerator and total enrollments as denominator, and same for the females.

Please make sure you have a indicator type defined as Percentage by using factor as 100.

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(IM Officer) #3

can’t find code of male/female option in the edit filter section.

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(Saurabh) #4

Hi, @im_officer_leb, assuming that you are using an option set for selection of the gender, you can find the codes in the option you have created under the gender/sex option set.

For inserting filter, you need to select the attribute (sex/gender) from the list of attributes available, and then define the option code. For e.g. <Sex/genderattribute> == ‘Male’

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(IM Officer) #5

Just one more question. Where can I test the indicator ? In which section ?

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(Saurabh) #6

You can check the program indicators individually in the pivot table/data visualiser first, by selecting program indicators under the data tab, next select the program, you will see the list of indicators. If they show data, then you can switch to indicators under the data tab, select all, and select the created %tage indicators.

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(IM Officer) #7

I’ve added data to my tracker program and select the required period with the indicator. No data is shown.

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(Saurabh) #8

Please run Data Analytics once, next clear the browser cache, and then try.

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(IM Officer) #9

how to run data analytics ?

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(Saurabh) #10

If you are on version 2.29, you can run using Reports, if you are on 2.30 in above, you can run analytics from data administration.

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