Get a program from form info

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In the rectangle with the red border, there are ten topics. For each topic, I must register all the participants that were involved/participated. Can this form be configured as a tracker program or event capture?


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Good morning. The above form could be set up as a tracker or an event capture. The Information you provided is not adequate enough for us to advise you on this, How ever here are some tips that could help you decide, If these topics are single questions, then an event program can be sufficient; but, if each of the above topics have sub-questions, I recommend utilizing a tracker program where the questions can be divided into program stages. The stages can contain topics based on certain criteria (e.g; STD, Non- communicable diseases, etc).

I hope our response is able to solve the issue you were facing.

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Hi @e4eDHIS2,

The topics are single questions. On paper form, the facilitator ticks the first topic, for example, and registers all participants. Another day participants gather for discussion, the facilitator will tick another topic and register all participants. This goes on until they finish all the topics. Is this information adequate?


Hello fernando shake

In this case, I propose using the tracker program to turn each of the aforementioned topics into a program stage, so that each participant can be enrolled and their registration can be updated after each subsequent session.

Image 1;

  • This is perfect if you’re expecting the same set of people/participants to show up for more than one session/topic.