Filtering Pivot Table Results (before export)

Dear community,

I am trying to create a filter to be used with the pivot table results, so that only the filtered OrgUnits will appear. For that I have created OrgUnit groups and have used them in the pivot table. The layout is illustrated in the attached file, by using the OrgUnits in the row dimensions. As a result, the pivot table is only using the OrgUnit groups as a categorization of the results but not filtering them as all OrgUnits are still displayed. I think that one interest using a filter is to avoid dumping a huge amount of data, which is sometimes freezing DHIS2 when displaying the results at the lowest level of OrgUnits.

Which way should I follow in order to filter the OrgUnits according to some criteria (like using a spreadsheet filter)? Would it be possible doing that in the pivot table, or may be in another way before the results expoprt? I am using DHIS2 2.24.

Thank you for your support and suggestions!



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Pivot_Table_Layout.pdf (120 KB)