Figures dont save in data visualizer app after upgrading to

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i have upgraded my DHIS 2 instance from to and am trying to save figures generated by the Data Visualizer app, however when i click on save i get a message of (Something went wrong, There was a problem getting the data from the server) i opened the network consul and this is what i found

this is the response
{“httpStatus”:“Internal Server Error”,“httpStatusCode”:500,“status”:“ERROR”,“message”:“ERROR: cannot execute nextval() in a read-only transaction”}

What to do, please?

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Please clear the server cache using Data Administration app → Maintenance, clear application cache & reload apps. And then please run the analytics tables export in the same app.

After that please check the Catalina.out log if there are any errors, if not please login to the instance using your browser’s Guest mode (to make sure it’s not a cache issue) , so if it works then go back to your usual browser profile and clear the cache.

If it doesn’t work and there are errors in the log, please share the full Catalina.out log (without sensitive info)


dear @Gassim Thanks for your continuous support.
i tried all what you have mentioned including the guest mode , and i still get the same problem… and i dont know how to look for the catalina.out log…



To monitor the behavior of Tomcat the log is the primary source of information. The log can be viewed with the following command:

tail -f tomcat-dhis/logs/catalina.out


Please make sure to remove any sensitive info before sharing.