Favorites viewed meaning in usage analytics

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I wanted to confirm how to interpret the Top Favorites usage analytics - if a Favorite is on a dashboard, does each dashboard view with that favorite get counted in this metric?

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Hi @Sameen_Babur,

Thanks for asking this question. I am tagging @hendrik who refactored the app and therefore hopefully has some information to this particular question.

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Sorry @Karoline, when building the usage-analytics app I only referred to this section of the developer documentation. Unfortunately this doesn’t explain how the top-favourites are being counted.

I seem to vaguely remember that the value is essentially just the count of users who have marked a given item as favourite. If this is correct, the number of views (via dashboard or otherwise) does not impact the top-favourites metric. But I’m not at all sure if this is correct, and I’m afraid I also don’t know who would be able to provide more info.

Looking at the data that doesn’t really sound right, unless its a cumulative count? But even still we are seeing high numbers of views, and its really unlikely that all of these individuals have marked the visuals as favorites. There is definitely growing interest in this usage analytics, I really think its worth explaining how to interpret these different options in the app better in the User Guide