Failing to control access of program stages

Dear all,

I have designed a tracker program with two program stages namely community stage and facility stage. But I want users who are of community user group to only be able to access community program stage and likewise for facility user group to only be able to access facility program stage. Right now I am using DHIS2.30 server instance and android capture V1.2.2. Is it possible to implement the aforementioned access controls on the versions of DHIS2 server and android capture which I am using? If possible can the community here share me the instructions please?

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Hi @justinmandah,

This should be straigthforward to do from 2.30 version onwards. You can find the related documentation in here Home - DHIS2 Documentation

In your case, you have to go to the program within the maintenance app. Click on Access and then click on the specific program stage. There you’d be able to define the access control you are looking for. For instance, Community group must be set to No Access for Data in the Facility stage and viceversa.

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