Failed to update the tracked entity instance in the server

angular.js:11655 TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘response’)
at registration-controller.js:459:35
at angular.js:13248:27
at n.$eval (angular.js:14466:16)
at n.$digest (angular.js:14282:15)
at n.$apply (angular.js:14571:13)
at l (angular.js:9698:36)
at M (angular.js:9888:7)
at F.onload (angular.js:9829:9)

Its fails when user tries to edit one data element, but it been working just fine

Hi @Gaks87, welcome back to the community!

Please add the following info:

  1. DHIS2 version
  2. App being used

Does this happen only to one user? Does this happen to the superuser too? If not then please recheck authorities, sharing settings for this data element if it’s shared with this user or not?

Is it possible to run a metadata dependency export for this program and import it to a clean instance to see if we still get the same issue? Also, if on play too so we can check if we can reproduce this.

Thank you!