Extracting the data for a specific Org Unit

Hello Devs.

I have a situation to setup a different dhis2 instance by separating a set of Org units from the existing instance (like one company is splitting into two companies and going to work on their own instances). Though, I started developing a SQL script to extract all related data for the going out org units, I am wondering any easy, proven and pre-defined solution is available.

Any help is very much appreciated.



Hey @MSP,
How are you? Thank you for your patience! Were you able to figure out a way? It would be interesting to know what method you used, and thanks for sharing with the community!

I guess the answer depends on how you intend to filter out the OUs for which ones “stay” and which ones “go out.” Pleas let me know if you still want further support for this question. As a fast guess from me, I would say it’s possible to use the export app and use a spreadsheet editor to filter the data if it’s very complicated, but if it’s a simple as selecting certain districts then you can do that directly from the export app, right? :smiley: