expressiondataelement not populating?

Hello devs

Version 2.21 (have yet to test in 2.22)

When importing csv validation rules there is no column for “dataElements”, and the table called expressiondataelement will be populated based on the expressions (in the same way when you are creating the expressions with the GUI).

This is different for the XML importer. It expects an additional tag inside both and called . If this tag is not provided, the expressiondataelement table will not receive any rows on import, and there is no indication from the app that there is anything wrong with the import.

Would it be possible to drop the requirement for the tag inside leftside/rightside and generate the rows for expressiondataelement on import in the same manner as the csv importer? I am not seeing the added value in quantifying the dataelements in use twice for the same object.



Timothy Harding
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