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Checking if there is anywhere out there some Export apps that can download entered data (either aggregate, Event, Tracker) in an Excel file or something similar?
I have found a few Import apps but so far none on Exporting…
Ta muchly for any response/help :slight_smile:

Dear @dmnscar.

In EyeSeeTea we’re developing on top of what was initiated by UPC an app called Bulk Load App. This app allows you to generate automatically Excel templates from your Datasets/Programs (Tracker is not yet covered), with the data you have in your instance already populated in it. Then you can modify the existing data or create new one and import it back to your DHIS2 instance.

Here the link to the releases page in Github:

I hope it helps.

Best regards


Hi @ifoche, Please consider entering your application in to the DHIS2 annual conference app competition: https://www.dhis2academy.org/digital-annual-conference-2020/appcompetition.html

Always great to see new quality DHIS2 apps being developed!

@ifoche in addition to the app competion @Scott mentioned it would also be great if you could upload this app to the DHIS2 App Hub so that it can easily be installed to any DHIS2 instance. Thanks for sharing your work with the community!

Thanks @Scott and @austin for your comments. We will submit it to the competition and the app hub. In the past we have already submitted an app but didn’t get any response. Shall we expect any answer (positive or negative) when submitting apps to the hub or only those that are accepted get answered? In particular I’m thinking about an app “User Extended App” which allows for easy bulk edition of users.

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@ifoche we are planning some improvements to how we communicate and notify application developers submitting to the App Hub, but until now you should have received communication only in the case the app is rejected (and so needs to be changed) for some reason. For example, the app you mentioned, User Extended App, was approved and is already available on the App Hub!

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Thank you for this @austin, we’ve submitted the last version of User Extended, and will also send others very soon.

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