Expansion of the "year over year" visualization feature


Our users are very interested in comparing flu seasons. Since these are at their peaks around newyear, they find the graph hard to read when using the year over year visualization for that purpose. Using “Last 52 weeks” instead of “Weeks in year” helps at the end of the season, but not during its peak, so this is not a great solution either.

Ideally we would like an expansion of the feature to compare custom season over custom season, in this case week 40 - week 23. If such a custom season selector is hard to implement, a potential quick fix could be to at least expand the feature to financial year july by financial year july. This would give much of the desired effect as well.

Are there solutions to this problem that I have overlooked, and if not, how do I submit these as formal feature requests?

August Mathisen

Hi August,

That’s a very good point. Can you please submit a jira ticket (type: feature) with your request and please tag me in the description or comments?




Feature submitted here: [DHIS2-17664] - Jira

Let me know if I need to specify anything else