Exclude dates from the past

Hi everyone,

Is there any way to exclude dates from the past? For example, I would like to prevent a user from selecting report date/event date in a program stage from 2015 backwards.

Looking forward to any advice


Hey @ferdinandmussavene,
Sorry, please do you mean exclude dates from the past for events that have already been created or do you mean to stop users from creating events from 2015 backwards?

Thank you!

Hi @Gassim,

I mean to stop users from creating events from 2015 backwards.


Hi @ferdinandmussavene again,

Thank you for your patience! I thought about your question and wasn’t able to find a direct way of doing this, but then I thought about using program rules to acheive this. For example, it’s possible to create a rule: (d2:yearsBetween(V{event_date},V{current_date}) > 7) it means users will not be able to create events before current date (2022-2015 = 7 years backwards) and also not create events 7 years ahead of the current year (if that’s okay).

Hope this helps! Thanks! (: