Exception when seeking JSON response of Pivot Table with Program Indicators/Event data items

Hi Devs

We have created some program indicators, and are using them to generate reports in Pivot Table module.

The team was trying to get a JSON response for the created pivot table, but an exception comes when a JSON response is sought through the following selections 'Download —>Plain data source—>JSON’.

I checked for the same on the demo website (https://play.dhis2.org/dev), and got the same exception when followed the same steps using ‘Program Indicators’, however when ‘Indicators’ were selected and JSON response was sought it worked fine.

Have created a ‘Child Health’ favorite using program indicators on the dev instance, here is the link: https://play.dhis2.org/dev/api/analytics.json?dimension=dx:GxdhnY5wmHq;p2Zxg0wcPQ3;hCYU0G5Ti2T;rXoaHGAXWy9;fM7RZGVndZE;eo73fim1b2i;tt54DiKuQ9c&dimension=pe:LAST_12_MONTHS&filter=ou:ImspTQPwCqd&displayProperty=NAME&program=IpHINAT79UW

Requesting help on this please!