Events API change between 2.29-2.30? Must specify COC/AOC Parameters if not a superuser?

This may be confusing but I’ll do my best–I’m unable to replicate my issue on 2.31 Play Demo.

  • We’ve just updated a server from 2.29 to 2.31 and are experiencing an issue with the /events endpoint. EDIT: I went through the upgrade process again and saw this issue is actually introduced at the 2.30 upgrade but the symptoms are still the same.
  • On the 2.31.6 Play server, you are succesfully able to query events by simply passing in Org Unit and a Program Stage parameters:
    **Note the totalPages Param totals the number of events (relevant later).
  • The above is succesful for the default user (admin) and for a new user with the most basic authorities (Role Guest, Antenatal Program Shared read and write with User)

On our 2.31.6 Server, we have an event program that is shared with a user via user groups (also tested sharing directly) but the same query does not allow the user to view the events. What is returned is

Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 2.01.02 PM
Notice the total number of events are returned – likely just a bug if this is a permissions issue. But the point is that it is accessing the events but not displaying them to the user based on some rules.

Now, it DOES work on our server only if the user has full access authority granted OR if we specify attributeOptions & attributeOptionCombos.

I’m leaning toward it being an issue with category options somehow. Also of note is that when I go to update COCs I receive and error of could not extract ResultSet but cannot find anything on that (some sort of Hibernate error).

So my hope, is that someone can point me in the direction of how to further troubleshoot this or give me one more thread I can pull to get to the bottom of this.