event tracker error after updating to 2.23


We are currently developing DHIS2 Tracker for Dengue Surveillance using version 2.21 but since the mobile version that available in Play Store is version 2.23 then we updated our DHIS directly from 2.21 to 2.23 and skip the 2.22v. Now we found some problem, when I clicked on certain data set in a certain org unit, the data entry screen only shown a blank column. I have checked all attributes (data set, data element and org unit) and all seems working fine. Is there any suggestion to fix this problem?

One more question, we would like to customize our event capture data entry screen then I realized that the skip logic only working when I used the event capture default form. So we tried to edit the javascript file controller.js located in /webapps/dhis/dhis-web-event-capture/scripts/. We have successfully updated and saved the file controllers.js but when I checked in https:///dhis/dhis-web-event-captire/scripts/controllers.js apparently nothing has changes. Is there any suggestion how do I change the file controller.js located in the event capture scripts?

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.


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