Event Reports not populating correctly

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Hi all - I am fairly new to DHIS2 and trying to create event reports. We have three encounter forms that I would like to create reports for and I’m facing some trouble.

  1. Not all events from tracker capture are populating in the report. For example I can see 209 patient encounters in tracker capture, but in event reports only 67 are showing from our “intraoperative” data. I tried changing the “periods” from “last 6 months and this month” to exact dates and it didn’t change. Also tried creating a new event report only containing mrn, name and date of surgery and still only 67 of the 209 are populating.

  2. I am having a hard time creating indicators to link our ward data and intraoperative data. After initial operation a patient may have several ward encounters entered (one for each day in the hospital) - I would like to create indicators to populate in the report showing length of stay, number of ward encounters documented, and if the two are equivalent (indicating 100% follow up for each hospital day). Any help creating these would be so much appreciated.

Thank you ever so much for anyone who can help here.

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Would you please help with this one?

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Firstly, as always, please indicate which version you are using.

Secondly, while differences between enrollment dates (presumably equivalent to admission date in your case - or equivalent to the date the patient is operated on?) and event dates (each of those ward encounters) often cause discrepancies in e.g. weekly or monthly program indicators, it is extremely unlikely the difference would be that big.

Which leads me to wonder: do all of those 209 cases have a basic event (the operating theatre encounter)? Remember that the Event Report app are only reporting EVENTS, not enrollments. Tracked entity attributes can be included with the event data elements, yes, but only for those enrollments that actually have events too.

Thirdly, those indicators:

  • LOS: d2:daysBetween(V{enrollment_date},V{current_date}) would give you length of stay for currently admitted patients, whereas d2:daysBetween(V{enrollment_date},A{dischargedateTEA}) would give you LOS for patients already discharged (if discharge date is a stage data element, change it accordingly). I need more info about your exact setup to guide further.
  • No of ward encounters: this is equivalent to the number of events minus the first event (theatre ops), so you can probably use the variable V{event_count}

Hope this helps - it’s difficult to be more specific without knowing your conceptual setup (i.e. the content of the enrollment and each stage, whether any are repeatable, etc).


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Thank you so much for your response - it is much appreciated. I guess after talking with our IT consultant it was a problem in how the data is pushed from the tracker capture to the event reports - something to do with “push analytics”?

Thank you for providing some guidance on creating those indicators - I will try both of those to see if I can create indicators that will populate in events.

Our program structure tracks patients through three phases of care starting with their operation and ending with a phone call at 30 days postop. The structure of the DHIS2 event forms is:

  1. Intraop (one encounter on day of surgery) --> 2. Ward (Repeatable, one for each day in the hospital) --> 3. Phone (one phone call encounter at 30 days)

The intraop form collects information on the patient’s surgery including risk factors for surgical infection. The Ward and Phone follow up forms collect information on patient outcomes including infections, length of stay, and mortality.

Ultimately I would like to merge the three forms into one report so I can more easily link risk factors and outcomes. This would require me being able to generate indicators for each of the variables in the ward form to collapse them into one line of data. For example, if the patient has an abscess on one day of follow up data but not on the other four of follow up data, I would like to make an indicator that generates a 0/1 output for whether the patient had abscess on ANY day of admission. Thanks for your help again.

If anyone has suggestions on creating these other indicators I would love to hear them.



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Hi all,

Still trying to build these indicators - can someone help with what the indicator formula would look like to calculate number of ward encounters given the guidance below?

  • No of ward encounters: this is equivalent to the number of events minus the first event (theatre ops), so you can probably use the variable V{event_count}

Also - will this populate in event reports?

I have tried several ways to build this ward indicator and when I add it into the event reports builder all the data disappears (I am hoping to visualize this in “events” not “aggregate”)

I am hoping to use this as a data completeness check - for every operation recorded (which is the “enrollment” event) I want to populate the table with “ward follow up (yes or No)”, “Number of ward follow up days” (may be different from LOS if data collection was not done on every inpatient day) and “phone follow up (Yes/No)”

Thanks for the help and please let me know if this doesn’t make sense.


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Apologies for late response, I’ve been bogged down in a major change process + meetings the whole week.

I will take a look at it over the weekend


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