Event Report Tables "TOP X" events - not saved when saving as favorite in 2.25

Hi Jan,
thanks for your detailed explanation, it is very helpful.
Unfortunately we use especially favorite in ER/EV and they are added to
the dashboards, than I'll change manually the sharing settings, waiting for
the v. 2.27.
For every favorite I have 2 users group to add (one with view and one with
view and edit), then if you know the problem, It is not a hard work.








2017-01-18 13:36 GMT+01:00 Jan Henrik Øverland <jan@dhis2.org>:

Hi Antonia,

Technical issues related to sharing are now fixed in 2.25. You can
download the latest war file here: https://ci.dhis2.org/job/dhis2-2.25/

However, for Event Reports and Event Visualizer, there could still be some
unexpected behavior. Let me try to explain.

Unlike the Pivot Tables/Data Visualizer apps, ER/EV have not yet received
the new way of handling favorites and favorite state.

In PT/DV, you can open a favorite, change and update it, then save it. The
sharing settings will remain because you are still working on that
favorite, like you would expect from a desktop application.

For ER/EV however, loading a favorite still means simply resetting the app
according to a set of properties.

So please be aware of the following:

- Open favorite A, change something and click update (here you lose the
reference to the favorite), then overwrite A. Now A will have its sharing
settings completely reset.


- Open favorite A and without changing anything overwrite favorite B ->
favorite B will get everything from A including sharing.

So (as stated in the issue) updating a favorite in ER/EV and then
overwriting it will still reset its sharing settings unfortunately.
Favorite refactor of ER/EV is scheduled to 2.27. Sorry for the


On 13 January 2017 at 00:12, Antonia - Pro <antonia@informa.pro> wrote:

Thanks Jan, I'll wait for your notification before performing the upgrade
to the new release of the 2.25. Please, when ready, let me know the release
number of the fixed release.


2017-01-12 20:19 GMT+01:00 Jan Henrik Øverland <jan@dhis2.org>:

It's fixed in trunk, but I have discovered another issue related to this
in 2.25. So please hold the upgrade. Will let you know when it works.

On 12 January 2017 at 12:23, Antonia - Pro <antonia@informa.pro> wrote:

Thanks Jan!
this means that the issue
Access permissions cleared when overwriting favorite -
[DHIS2-334] - Jira
is fixed also for the v.2.25 in the last release - #222 (12-gen-2017
6.34.27) ?


2017-01-12 11:23 GMT+01:00 Jan Henrik Øverland <jan@dhis2.org>:

Hi Antonia,

This issue [DHIS2-334] - Jira is now also fixed.


On 5 December 2016 at 16:55, Antonia - Pro <antonia@informa.pro> >>>>> wrote:

Thanks so much Jan,
what is the build number with the fix.


2016-12-05 16:16 GMT+01:00 Jan Henrik Øverland <jan@dhis2.org>:

Hi Antonia,

The limit bug has now been fixed in 2.25 and trunk.

I have created a separate issue for what you described in the

[DHIS2-334] - Jira


On 2 December 2016 at 17:39, Antonia - Pro <antonia@informa.pro> >>>>>>> wrote:

an other bug/strange behavior related to the Event Report Favorites:
When I change and overwrite the table, all Access permissions are
cleared and I have to reassign them!
    - when create a new favorite - assigned only Public access:
Can edit and view
    - when overwrite an existing favorite - assigned only *Public
access: None*
*clearing all existing access permissions! *
I expect that if I change some parameter and I update an existing
table, all access permission are preserved.


2016-12-02 15:02 GMT+01:00 Antonia - Pro <antonia@informa.pro>:

Dear developers,
We made the upgrade from 2.22 build 22095 to 2.25 build 4cbfeb5. I
found problems with the translations (I'll write in a separate mail) and in
the Event Report tables.
In particular, for the very helpful feature of visualizing the *TOP
X events*
I test it also on the *Demo server* and the problem is present
also there.

I reported the same bug in the v.2.22 and it was fixed in June
by Jan Henrik Øverland

*Re: [Dhis2-users] Top X records of Event Report table not
correctly visualized on the Dashboard*

*2016-06-27 16:29 GMT+02:00 Jan Henrik Øverland <jan@dhis2.org


*Hi Antonia,*

*This has been fixed in all affected versions. For 2.22 please
update to rev 22078.*


I think the bug fix is propagated to all new version, but probably
for this bug is not true.

We have many statistics requested by the MOH which use this
feature, for example *TOP 10 or 30 or 40 ICD10 disease* combined
with others parameters etc..

When I check the box end make update, it is visualized correctly.
But when I save the favorite and then select it again, or view it on the
Dashboard, this change is not saved!!

[image: Immagine incorporata 1] [image: Immagine incorporata 5]

for example this is the table after slesting Top 30 and then

[image: Immagine incorporata 2]

but when save and select the favorite again, it appears without
the TOP 30 selection!

[image: Immagine incorporata 3]

for some bigger tables, this cause this the message on the

[image: Immagine incorporata 1]

When opening as favorite in the Event Report, the big table
remains in "Creating Table" ...

For our project this useful feature is important. Please fix the
bug for this version and any new one, in order to not have the same problem
in the next upgrade.

Let me know the fixed build.

Thanks so much for your help.

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Jan Henrik Øverland
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http://www.dhis2.org <https://www.dhis2.org/&gt;

Jan Henrik Øverland
Software developer, DHIS 2
University of Oslo
http://www.dhis2.org <https://www.dhis2.org/&gt;

Jan Henrik Øverland
Software developer, DHIS 2
University of Oslo
http://www.dhis2.org <https://www.dhis2.org/&gt;

Jan Henrik Øverland
Software developer, DHIS 2
University of Oslo
http://www.dhis2.org <https://www.dhis2.org/&gt;